The International Water and Wastewater Exhibition of Iran (WATEX) with exclusive focus on the Water industry was held from 16th to 19th October 2017 at the Tehran International Ground Fair. 

The trade fair is an exclusive platform to gain a first impression of the local and regional market, of the industry and its members - prospective business visitors and customers. The total number of visitors was 25'765 (from 23 countries) and the total number of exhibitors was 425 (297 exhibitors from Iran and 128 foreign exhibitors, total of 22 countries). The total amount of floor space was 17’633 m2. Apart from the Swiss Pavilion there were also a German, Turkish and Chinese Pavilion participating at the exhibition.

A special thank you to Fimars SA and Straub Werke AG for joining the Swiss Pavilion! We wish you all the best for your further projects in Iran.

WATEX 2017 WATEX 2017 WATEX 2017 WATEX 2017