Insights into the Turkish Market

Turkey is one of the top 20 trading partners of Switzerland. In 2018, the volume of Swiss exports to Turkey amounted to CHF 1.88 billion (excl. precious metals, gems, antiques), emphasizing Turkey as an important international sales market for Swiss companies, comparable to India or Saudi-Arabia in ranking. 

As the pressure of the country's environmental issues is increasing, the demand for high-quality import products is growing. This from the side of Turkish companies, as well as municipalities who are in charge of handling the country's environmental and technical challenges in waste management, air pollution, energy efficiency and water treatment.

Here are some current main focus points being discussed in Turkey in regard to environmental technology: 

 • Turkey is doing efforts from "top-down" to be more ecological. There is a strong       political interest in issues regarding environment.

 • Special focus is on improving "waste management", "carbon neutral energy               supply" and "preservation of environment". 

 • Alternative funding methods such as PPP and BOT are gaining importance.

 • Vast potential for Swiss and other technology providers for business with a               developed country. 

 • Geographical location makes Turkey an interesting market. The country supports     and induces business activities between the western and eastern nations.


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