We are proud to announce that Switzerland had a significant presence at this year’s event, with four Swiss Pavilions occupying nearly 700 square meters in total. These pavilions were located in Halls A4, B2, B4 and a new addition in Hall C1, each strategically placed to cover a broad range of topics within the environmental technology sector.

In Hall A4, the focus was on generating energy from secondary raw and waste materials, as well as flue-gas scrubbing and air extraction. Hall B2 highlighted the construction of water and wastewater treatment plants, hydraulic engineering, well construction and the maintenance of water supply and sewerage systems. Hall B4 centered on refuse treatment and recycling, the recycling and utilization of secondary raw materials and the management of hazardous substances. Finally, our new pavilion in Hall C1 showcased process measuring and control technology, along with analysis and laboratory techniques.

This expanded presence allowed us to showcase Swiss innovation and expertise in various critical areas of environmental technology. We were pleased to host around 30 co-exhibitors within our pavilions, providing them with an excellent platform to connect with a global audience and explore new business opportunities.

The event underscored the vital role of technology in addressing global environmental challenges, such as the climate crisis and the shortage of raw materials. IFAT Munich 2024 highlighted the importance of climate resilience, the circular economy and effective waste and resource management. These themes resonated throughout the fair, attracting significant attention from both the public and private sectors.

Our participation in IFAT Munich 2024 was a remarkable success and we are deeply grateful to our co-exhibitors for their invaluable contributions. Their presence and innovations significantly enhanced the Swiss Pavilion's reputation and impact.

As we look ahead to the next IFAT Munich in 2026, we remain committed to driving forward the conversation on environmental technologies and fostering international collaboration. Thank you to everyone who visited our pavilions and participated in this landmark event!